General info

General information

What payment method can i use?

You can pay with credit card or cash in any of our offices in Managua.

Can I travel safely with kids?

Yes, of course! Do not hesitate to provide us you kid information to provide a children chair during the transfer.

Can I travel alone?

For the transfers we have a minimum passenger request, but we can also quote for you a private transfer.

How long prior departure should I be at the pick-up place?

We recommend that you are at the pick-up place 30 min prior to the time of the transfer.

Can I take my surfboard?

Yes it’s possible you take your surfboard, but it would always depend on the space we have in our vehicle, please informs us previously to prepare a space for the transfer of the board.

Can I take my pets?

Yes it’s possible, always if they are transferred in the own pet box. We would try todo do a stop so you can fed them and give the water.